My name is Adam Peretz. I studied Graphic Design in 2004 and immediately fell in love with the subject.
The thought of designing new things and developing different ideas amazes and excites me. It is this passion that has enabled me to excel in web designing as well as both UX and UI interface and mobile applications.
With every project I guarantee to find the most simple and effective ways to make each user and client know how to use the site or the app. It is paramount to me that each design is clear, professional, unique and easy to use.
Since my study days I have continued to learn, grow and adapt to the ever changing, modern technology. I have the passion to discover ‘what’s next’ in the world of graphic design, especially as it is constantly developing over time. New tools are being born every day; this in turn has allowed for an infinite array of designs, as well as expanding my creative ability to be even more advanced and versatile.
You are invited to take a look through my professional portfolio so that you can see for yourself the projects that I have undertaken.
You can find in my portfolio: logos, business cards, posters, product photography, package designing, management interfaces, website ui/ux and many more.
Please contact me for any queries, requests or graphics projects.